About Us

Our History

 In 2008, a group of radiation oncologists with extensive backgrounds in radiosurgery opened the first CyberKnife Center in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Conveniently located on the campus of Town and Country Hospital in Tampa, this state of the art facility is equipped to be one of the best cancer treatment centers in America.

Utilizing the latest in robotic technology, Accuray’s CyberKnife is a viable non-surgical alternative for cancer treatment. Usually only available in cancer treatment hospitals, CyberKnife Centers of Tampa Bay makes this powerful Stereotactic Radiosurgery Robot available in the convenience of a neighborhood cancer center.


Medical Staff

Our staff of cancer specialists is available to provide you with cancer treatment information.

Medical Directors:

Frank Franzese, MD
Harvey Greenberg, MD



Mary Ellen Masterson-McGary, MA, MS
Zhenyu Shou, PhD


Participating Physicians

Tampa Bay Radtion Oncologists (TBRO)

Randy Kahn, MD
Jack Steel, MD
John Koval, MD

Wellspring Oncology

Robert Miller, MD
Zucel Solc, MD
Debra Freeman, MD
Rosario Musella, MD

Central Florida Cancer Institute

Sandra Sha, MD
Randy Heysek, MD

St. Joseph's Hospital

Alison Calkins, MD
Gabriel Gonzales-Portillo, MD

Pinellas Radiation Oncology Associates (PROA)

Hiral Shah, MD

USF Medical Center

Harry van Loveren, MD
Siviero Agazzi, MD
Donald Smith, MD
Samy Youssef, MD
Lawrence Berk, MD

Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Clinic

Christopher Danner, MD
Loren Bartels, MD

Accurate Cancer Treatment

CyberKnife can treat benign tumors and many types of cancer, including, brain, head and neck, liver, lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancer, metastases, and spinal tumors.

Robotic Cancer Surgery

The CyberKnife System uses image-guided robotics to precisely destroy cancer tumors and other lesions. This precision spares normal, healthy tissue, while the higher dosage offers improved chances for cure from cancer. The CyberKnife can treat inoperable and hard to reach cancerous tumors.